About the Trainer and Coach

Benjamin Bryant
B.S. Ed. Kinesiology, Pre-Med. USA Cycling Level 3 Coach. Experience as a Division 1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach. Category 1 Road Cyclist

Athletic Background: Varsity Collegiate Cross-Country and Track. Competition experience in Wrestling, Soccer, Cycling, Track and Field, Cross-Country, and Triathlon.

Personal training for the elite business person, first-timers, any-timers, and athletes. I want everyone to understand that being active and fit is an essential part of preventative medicine, and getting the most out of yourself and life. Then take that knowledge and turn it into action. I help people of all fitness levels make the life changes for a happier, healthier self, and train athletes trying to get the best out of their bodies.

Group and Personal Training. Cardio Circuit Training, Strength and Conditioning Circuit Training. Triathlon, Cycling, and Endurance Coaching.

Ready, GO!!